But You Can't Stay Here

I must admit this has been an experience.

When I first started this blog, I had to do so rather anonymously. I think most of you have probably figured out that MJ was the name of my dog and not me. Yet, even with all the secretive ways I had to post, I think I learned more from you all than anything that you could possibly take from me.

It is no secret, however, that I’m not a fan of George Bush and his politics. If someone were to say to me, “I’m a Republican and I vote my party,” then I totally understand party loyalty and the belief that somewhere the party is bigger than the person. I’m a Democrat and my loyalties are just as subjective. Party politics is here to stay, and it must be respected that at the local level politics is not Democrat or Republican, but rather “you and I.”

I wish I had the time to individually thank everyone who so regularly read this site. Maybe it’s not the time, but more so the hesitation that I will forget someone, because I truly think this group is better than anything this Internet has produced yet.

The one person that I do have to thank is my buddy Craig. We grew up together and not once did he ever “out” me or even come close to jeopardizing my career. In fact, I’m sure he went out of his way many times to help out a friend and I truly appreciate him.

And I’m not sure that I can leave this place without mentioning our troops and Iraq. I will never understand how an administration full of war hawks that never served in the military and a president who went an entire year without reporting for duty while in the Alabama Air National Guard and received a discharge to attend grad school during a time of war, can be considered so patriotic and so military friendly and also be allowed to lash out at those who disagree with their tactics as being terrorist-sympathizing anti-Americans. Our troops in Iraq have done way more than they were ever asked to do. 38 months into a war that was supposed to be over in matter of weeks, our military, entirely volunteer, is still holding the most war torn country in the world together as we at home will never understand their full sacrifice. I am grateful to all those who ensured me the right to have this blog.

This blog has given me hope that there is still a middle ground voice in this country. This Internet and these blogs are the very notion of free speech that our Founding Fathers hoped for, even though they never could have dreamed of this world today. We cannot take from this experience that those of us who have never dreamed should not be allowed to dream, and we can never take from this experience that even the least amongst us is still able to answer the call and carry that torch of freedom to the next generation of American Dreamers. We have all borrowed their dream that all men are created equal and may it be not a place where we try to limit such desires. America truly is a wonderful place.

I do have work to do and I must call it quits. It will be hard to resist the urge to write out a rant or blow off some steam, because this blog did really serve as a stress ball for me at times. I wish all the best of luck and I’m sure I will still make comments from time to time and most of all I thank everyone for their time, patience and contributions to this site, y’all did way more than I ever could.


JT said...

That blows! Wish you the best in your future plans. Good luck to you and yours!

Girl on the Blog said...
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Girl on the Blog said...

I am literally in a state of mourning... I hope that you will do what Sgt Hook did and come back
in a year or even sooner.  There are a lot of bloggers out there... but very few can compare to you.  I started my blog about 4 months ago and you
were one of the first bloggers who opened his arms and welcomed me to the blogging world. I will always be a loyal fan.  I will miss your writings, MJ.  Just don't forget to stop by from time to time and say "Hi"... take care of yourself and I wish the best!

Sminklemeyer said...

farewell my friend. your posts will be deeply missed. and don't kid yourself, you educated thousands, if not millions, in a very professional manner. i'll miss ya.

'*\~>Chris?<~/*' said...

I read your blog quite often in the past few weeks although I rarely had time to comment. I really feel like I am getting a second family on the internet of people who are intelligent and just want to share thier thoughts with one another. It's been such a great experience for me. I love all your comments on all the sites I have seen them on and I hope you will be back soon. Good luck with work.

Graham said...


Graham said...

Man, that is so sad, MJ. I really felt I learned a lot from your blog. Your view points are always so very well substantiated, as opposed to my own, and you know that I felt you were a kindred soul in your position on the political spectrum. I check your blog like four/five times a day for a new post. I don't think I do that on any other blog but Crooks and Liars for the videos and Wonkette cause she always makes me laugh.

In spite of the humility you expressed in your post, your writing has been a learning process for me and others. I wish I had the opportunity to get to know you better because you're obviously a very smart guy, destined for success in your work, if you haven't achieved it already. The reason why I enjoyed your blog so much was because you always resorted to your own thinking to work through issues, and your POV was always originaly determined devoid of dogmatic ideology.

Man... this really sucks. All the best with the work MJ. Thanks for always gracing my blog with your perspective.

I'm gonna go sulk now.

Seriously, good luck with everything, and thanks :).

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

MJ, I’ll miss your posts as you always were so level headed and given to listening to both sides as well as very reasonable in backing up your statements and explaining your points of view. There always seemed to be a level of discussion higher than many sites yet not so esoteric that the average person, such as me, could not understand it. Not allowing it to evolve into nastiness when people disagreed with you was also refreshing.
It is one of the few political blogs where the author was not trying to get one up on everyone and as someone already said you educated a lot of people.

If ya come back under your cats name in a year or so let me know. ;)

No doubt you'll be missed. :(

avereragebusinessman said...

I'm with the jt, this blows.
Will miss your posts and your blog; it has been a nice place to stop off at and a good forum for some unbiased discussion.

luck in future endeavers

Kent said...

You're killin' me. Still trying to get shots in, even from the 'blog grave.'

Bush didn't go 'an entire year without reporting for duty' in the National Guard. That's a completely false statement. But you do a great Mary Mapes impression.

As to your comment about 'middle ground,' I assume you're speaking of those beloved moderates, like that jackass John McCain. My opinion of moderates is that they are fence walkers, wafflers, too cowardly to stake out a position.

Buddy, I've enjoyed mixing it up with you. You're a good man, a bit misled, but a good man, nonetheless.

Jack Davis said...

Sorry you're leaving, enjoyed your blog. Best wishes,

TheHeretic said...

I would say goodbye but there is always that hope that you will be as successful in your quitting as Andrew Sullivan turned out to be. May girl on the blog's statements turn out to be true.

CaliValleyGirl said...

I am kind of feeling like that story about the man with the cruel father and the kind mother, the father always said he would amount to nothing, but the mother always encouraged him. And he went out and became successful in his chosen profession. And then when he was about 25 his mother died, and at her funeral, he shed no tears. But when his father died a few years later, the man collapsed in tears, because the one thing that had kept him going all those years, was the desire to prove his father wrong.

Lol...okay, that is all dramatic. But you get my drift: who is going to get me all riled up now and isn't some mindless drone?

But I understand, because I am feeling the same way now.

Hope all is well, and maybe in a few years we will see your writing in a more open forum, and then think: hey...this reminds me of MJ!

Take care.

Markkind said...

This is a bummer. I'll miss you MJ. I appreciated all the comments on my site and I'll truly miss reading yours.

Good luck and God bless.

Eli Blake said...

Dang it, I discovered your blog just now (linked to it from a post you left on mine) and got there just after the benediction.

Well, if you do make a comeback then let me know, and I will add you to my blogroll.

Girl on the Blog said...

I am back hoping by some act of God that you decided to change your mind... I need some mind feeding political rants... :)

David Schantz said...

OK, so MJ was the dogs name. So who was that masked man? As a rule I wouldn't expect 16 or 17 people to agree on anything but look what you have done by posting this. There was not a one that said you would not be missed. Take care my friend, good luck with your feature endeavors.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic

M said...


You'll be missed, MJ. I'm in the middle of a busy period myself, and I've had to leave my blog dormant for quite some time.

I'm hoping this is just temporary. I'll be checking in all the time hoping for some new material.

Good luck!

Household6 said...

MJ - Dang it now who is going write what I think so much better than I ever could? You always hit my ideas right on but said them much better than I.

You will be missed!


Unadulterated Underdog said...

It's a real fallen star to see you pulling out of the blogosphere my friend but I understand. I've spent over a mont hsoul-searching myself and trying to come to terms with the negativity that has invaded American politics. It's a very hard thing to fight for change day after day and to never see anything come of it because so many are tricked into folly by so few and yet that is just what has been happening. It is at least a comfort to know one is not alone in the wide world of war and hate mongers that seek to destroy the peace the rest of us fight so hard for and yet that also is just what we see happening. One thing that above all others I would like to see the insane half of America understand is that one doesn't have to support a policy to support those the policy affects. One CAN have mixed feelings on something without being unpatriotic. Your voice in the blogpshere was evidence of that and will be sorely missed. I hope to see you around sometime my friend! CHEERS!

Girl on the Blog said...

Happy Holidays... MJ... ;)

Unadulterated Underdog said...

Merry Christmas MJ!f

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Happy New Year MJ

Day by Day said...

Stop by the new blog...