The Blog

Political Notio is a joint venture blog by Ryan and Chris. The original PN was started in 2005 by Chris and stay opened long enough to develop some readership before it was shut down due to conflicts with work. Since then Chris has posted on other blogs while this is Ryan’s first shot at blogging.

Both consider themselves left of center on most issues, but not on every issue. Chris states that he’s “just as liberal as his conservative side will let him be.” On the other hand Ryan started out life as a Republican only to question his ideological beliefs sometime around high school when he began to realize “Clinton wasn’t such a bad president after all. It’s not like he showed up at my house to take my guns away like the NRA said he was going to do and it’s not like he ruined America.” Both Ryan and Chris do like to reiterate that there are still many things they disagreed with Clinton on.

Ryan is a lawyer while Chris isn’t sure what he wants to do when he grows up.

Currently the team is in talks with a political consulting firm about renting out ad space and cross referencing polling data. The two plan to purchase their own domain relatively soon. Just as soon as they can agree on a name for it that is.