About This Site

This site will generaly be a collection of my political thoughts and opinions. Some posts will be analysis and others will be ramblings. I hope it will be easy to tell the difference between the two. Most posts will be open to comments and other posts I will keep closed. Usually my political talking points will be closed to comments. As the site grows, I would like to add interviews into the blog.

About Me

My first blog was started in 2004 only to have barely gotten off the ground when the senate (my employer at the time) decided that it didn't want me to have any sort of personal life. It was then that I went into hiding posting on a shared blog with a couple buddies of mine called The National Exam. It had a partisan tone, but represented what we believed to be Republican, Democratic and Libertarian principles. It also met a sudden death when the three of us discovered that Blogger was not equipped for such a radical notion as conflicting political views all on one page. We all went our merry way, except that no one has seen Larry since.

Shortly thereafter in 2005 I began Political Notio. It quickly gained steam until 2006 when I learned that I would once again be heading off to the campaign trail and that blogging about politics while working in politics really doesn't mesh. It makes you irritable and causes headaches. At least that's my excuse. So once again my blogging days came to an end.

Then just as suddenly, I left the world of politics and accepted a job at a junior college. I again started another blog called The Barr Exam. It too was going well and then one day I received a call from a certain someone whose presidential campaign I had been working on who decided that it was best for me to delete the blog. Regretfully I did. After a few months of going through blogging withdraws, I decided that I was going to reopen PN and flip a big fat bird at anyone who thought otherwise. And thus we have my fifth attempt at a blog.

Some of my published work is as follows:

Democratic Development and Political Terrorism: The Global Perspective

The Politics of Presidential Selection (due out sometime this year, hopefully-- researcher/editor, lot of work put into this one)

Fifty-Two Simply Ways To Make A Difference (researcher/editor)

Our Culture of Pandering (foreign policy chapter is all mine baby! researcher/editor)

Bellwether or Deviate: Illinois Politics in the 21st Century (Illinois Issues, November 2003.)

I have a few more, but I can't recall what I've done with them all. I need to keep better track of this stuff.

On a side note, I do reserve the right to edit and delete inappropriate comments. If all you have are Rush Limbaugh and Fox News talking points, you might want to reconsider leaving a comment. This blog is also copyright protected that requires credit to be given where credit's due.

If you have any other questions, drop me an email or leave a comment on the site. Thanks for reading!